The OSSMETER project has developed an extensible platform to enable the monitoring and analysis of all aspects of an open-source software project. The platform provides an open API for querying the data, enabling third-party developers to consume the data in their applications.

Currently supported protocols for exchanging information are the following:

  • Version control systems: Git and SVN

  • Bug tracking systems: Bugzilla, Jira, SourceForge Issues, GitHub Issues, Bitbucket, and Redmine

  • Forums and newsgroups: Any NNTP based newsgroups, SourceForge forums

The project has designed and implemented a web application that consumes this API and enables users to register and discover OSS projects and explore their quality indicators in an intuitive manner to aid decision making. Additionally, users are able to receive notifications when projects of interest slip below (or above) selected thresholds on the set of metrics that are most important to them. This can, for example, help users plan migrations to a new OSS project if an existing one is discontinued.

A controlled beta site implementation of OSSMETER is available at www.ossmeter.com

Enter your e-mail on the home page of the beta site and we will contact you regarding access for evaluations.

You can also browse the screenshots below to get an idea of the features available from the OSSMETER platform.

Home page:

Example project page #1

Example project page #2

Example project page #3

Example project #4

Example project page #5

Project comparison page

Project Partners

OSSMETER is partially funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme for Information and Communications Technologies.
Any opinions expressed on these pages are those of the author / organisation and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Commission.